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About Me

Sanchay Verma

Digital Product Designer, New Delhi
Let's design everything.

Leading Design

I work on, mostly, digital products to create pixel-perfect screens and seamless experiences using design psychology, principles, and data. I try to be versatile within my field, by doing different types of projects and user study.

I don't believe, there is only a certain way to design great products. As a designer, we should also discover a new way to design. 

About Me

It all started, when I was in NIFT, since then I never stop designing. My quick learning ability always helps me to not just acquire new skills & knowledge faster but also got the opportunity to hands-on challenging projects in my early career stage that helped me grow professionally.

My professional journey is quite uncommon and mixed with dynamic learning verticles, I took the risk to work with early start-ups and place where brand name was very small but the learning curve was very high. It was all calculated but worth being there like holding an elephant by his tail.


I have 5 years of experience working with the big and small size of organizations like; Design Agency (Graphic Designer, @Cravants Pvt. Ltd), Startup ( Chief Design Officer, @Culstreet LLP) & Corporate ( Sr. UI/UX Designer, @PrettySecrets), IT Services & Consultancy (Sr. Digital Product Designer, @Expedien), and Freelancer Designer to design and define digital product communication and experience mainly two level of customer segmentation (Tier I, and Tier II Cities).
I have also experience designing for B2C and B2B market place, and worked as a Team lead and Manage multiple design projects under various work environment.




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I learn everyday from experts.

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