I Believe.

"Designing a right product should
be our goal, not the best product."

How do I Design?

Designing Products Using Human Psychology.

I have professional experience in Product Design, UX Design, Visual Design, Illustration, Branding, Macro & Micro Animation, and extremely good at Pen & Paper. It helps me to not just think in one product direction but also multiple directions of product designing.

About Me

A product designer who is quite passionate about learning human behavior and psychology and have great empathy towards problems human face every day.
For the past five years, I’ve been fortunate enough to have work on exceptional projects with some of the most talented and skilled people I’ve ever met. I had an excellent opportunity to learn from many of them and pass this knowledge to the products I value. ‍ As a Product Designer, I trust in responsible design and believe designers share responsibility for what they put out. I am always trying to include this factor in my decision making and in the projects I work on.

I am an entrepreneur driven mindset and a self-taught designer with fast learning ability. Previously, I started a design studio and worked with big and small start-ups as well as the product based company.

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I love Learning About The Universe.

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12 habits to practice empathy as a designer.

The information age growing very fast, as a designer you always surrounded with tons of information every day, and it affects your thinking and create more difficulties to experience other people life better but building good habits can align your thinking into a right direction.

Written by- Sanchay Verma

UX Designers are leading today’s business.

I believe the way businesses are operating earlier, it is not the same today. The business playground has been changed completely now, it is not like if you know your business, you know how to make it successful. Actually, it changed now, if you know your user, you know your business.

Written by- Sanchay Verma